Student Services Fee

The Student Services Fee (formerly Registration Fee) covers services which benefit students and which are complementary to, but not part of, the instructional programs. The fee supports operating and capital expenses for services related to the physical and psychological health and well-being of students; social and cultural activities and programs; services related to campus life and campus community; and educational and career support services. The amount of the Student Services Fee is the same for all campuses in the UC system and is set by The Regents.

UCSF Student Service Fee contact:  Carol Takao, acting assistant vice chancellor, Student Life

Student Services Fee Guidelines for Implementation

Guidelines for Implementing the Student Services Fee Portion of the UC Student Fee Policy

Student Services Fee Advisory Committee

The Student Services Fee Advisory Committee advises the chancellor on the use of student fees, institution of new fees or revision of existing fees, and the programmatic requirements of student services.

Mission and Process Guidelines

Membership Roster

2009-2010 Membership Roster
2010-2011 Membership Roster 
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Agenda and Meeting Minutes

2009-2018 Meeting Agendas
2009-2018 Meeting Minutes

Annual Financial Reports

2009-2010 Financial Report
2010-2011 Financial Report
2011-2012 Financial Report
2012-2013 Financial Report
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2014-2015 Financial Report
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2017-2018 Financial Report
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Chancellor's Recommended Fee Allocations

2008-2009 Fee Allocations
2009-2010 Fee Allocations
2010-2011 Fee Allocations
2011-2012 Fee Allocations
2012-2013 Fee Allocations
2013-2014 Fee Allocations
2014-2015 Fee Allocations
2015-2016 Fee Allocations
2016-2017 Fee Allocations
2017-2018 Fee Allocations
2018-2019 Fee Allocations
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UC Student Fee Policy

Student Fee Funded Units