This guide is intended to help faculty and staff know what to do if they feel that a learner may be in distress.

Whether the person of concern is a student, postdoc, resident, or clinical fellow

IN A MEDICAL OR OTHER EMERGENCY, call 9-911 from any campus phone or 415/476-6911 from a non-campus phone. 
You are in the middle of a medical or safety emergency. Examples: You find a learner impaired, actively threatening suicide, or intimidating others. 

TO REQUEST A WELLNESS CHECK FOR SAFETY, call the UCSF Hotline, 415/476-4325 (476-HEAL).
You are concerned that a learner is at high risk for a serious problem, and/or you haven't been able to reach a learner when they should be available. A dispatcher will answer the line and determine next steps for safety and well-being. 

Inform the appropriate leadership

Get urgent support or a consultation